The Wazir Khan Mosque: Its Aesthetic Beauty

The Wazir Khan Mosque: Its Aesthetic Beauty
Year: 1999
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The Author looks at the Wazir Khan Mosque from a hitherto unexplored angle and tries to explore the aesthetic beauty of this wonderful building. We have several descriptive reports of this mosque, but nobody has tried to delve deep into the subject as the present author does with a view of catching the beauty of the building and itsunderlying prnciples. The proportionate distribution of structural elements and the richness of decorative detail make this building a veritable gem of the subcontinent. Ghazala herself, being an artist and having a keen eye for beauty of nature and life, has been able,through her scholarly, attempt, to bring into the limelight the hidden splendour of this mosque. Eminent scholars on the subject have paid rich tribute to this magnificent building.