Dynamics of Taliban Insurgency in FATA

Dynamics of Taliban Insurgency in FATA
Year: 2013
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ISBN : 9789699370045

Author : Muhammad Amir Rana , Safdar Sial

Publisher : Pak Institute of Peace Studies

Year  : 2013

Binding : Hardback

Pages : 256


I. Militant LandScape  of FATA

1: Role of Arab Militants and Charities during and after Soviet-Afghan War

2: Evolution of Militant Group in FATA and Adjacent Area

3: Post -9/11 Developments and Emergence of Local Taliban Group

4: Militant Landscape after Miranshah Agreement

5: Patterns of Talibanization in FATA

II. Dynamics of Insurgency : Implications aaand Counter -Strategies

1 Threat Assessment and Security implication for the Region 

2 Life in FATA amid Ongoing Conflict 

3 Taliban Insurgency in Pakistan 

III.Fact Files

1 Frontier Crimes Regulations Reforms 

2 Major Peace Agreements Between Government and other Actors 

3 Major MilItary Operations (2002-09)

4 Terrorist Attacks in FATA and NWFP

5 Suicid Attacks in NWFP and Tribal Areas 

6 Important Al Qaeda Operatives